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1685 West First Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212
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About the Library


Welcome to the Grandview Library online!

Directions & Contact
Get directions and contact information here

Who may use the Grandview Library?
Any resident of the State of Ohio may register for a Library card in order to borrow Library books, DVDs, and other materials and to use our online resources. Anyone, regardless of their residence, may come into our building to browse our collection, use a computer, or attend a program or event. 

How do I ask a question?
The Library answers many questions each day. For immediate assistance, please contact the Library at 614-481-3776 during Library hours or chat online with a librarian 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Know It Now service.

Internet & Computers
The Library offers free wireless Internet access throughout the building. The Reference department on the second floor has: Computers with Internet access & programs for uninterupted, one-hour time limits, with opportunities for extra time; laptops for in-Library use without time restrictions; and 15-minute Express computers. Computers with Internet access and special games are available for youth in Youth Services and The Basement (teens).

How do I find Library events?
The Library's Calendar of Events lets you search for events and concerts for every age. You can even ask for "remind me" emails.

How do I reserve a Meeting Room?
Our Meeting Room and Conference Room are available free of charge for individuals or groups for non-profit purposes; however, we welcome donations! Call 614-486-2954 or stop by the Administration Department to ask about reserving a room. For more details about the rooms, click here.

A quick version of our Library's history
On January 11, 1923, the Grandview Heights Board of Education approved a plan for the establishment of a public library in Grandview Heights. In June 1924, the Grandview Heights Public Library opened its doors in a room in the Grandview Heights High School.

After moving to four different rented sites on First Avenue, the Grandview Library moved to the present location, 1685 West First Avenue, in September, 1936. The building was built with WPA funds on land donated by George Cambridge Urlin, one of the founding fathers of Grandview Heights.

What changes have been made to the Library building over the years? 
The following major upgrades have been done:
  • 1941: Reference Room Addition
  • 1952: Children's Department Addition
  • 1973: General Remodeling and Expansion
  • 1977: Balcony Addition
  • 1980: Parking Lot Expansion
  • 1989: Large Addition and Remodeling
  • 1995: Youth Services Department Remodeling
  • 2008: Audiovisual Remodeling
  • 2009: Consolidation of Circulation and Audiovisual Departments
  • 2010: Opened The Study Commons
  • 2009: Parking Lot added across Oakland Avenue
  • 2011: Opened "The Basement" (area for 7-12 graders)
  • 2011: Interactive Area added in Youth Services
  • 2012: Story Time Area added in Youth Services
  • 2013: Provided a Drive-Up Book Drop
Did the Library ever have other branches?
In addition to the High School branch, various branches have been added over the years: one in Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School in 1926, an Upper Arlington branch at Miller Park in 1942, and the Tremont Library in the 1950s. In the 1970s, the Upper Arlington Public Library became an independent system, which included the Miller Park branch and the Tremont Library. The Grandview Library now has only one building and does not include the libraries in the Grandview Schools.

What other libraries are members of the Central Library Consortium (CLC)?
The Grandview Library is an independent suburban library system. However, it is part of the Central Library Consortium (CLC), a sharing of resources & expenses among 14 Central Ohio library systems. The CLC serves 1.4 million residents across six counties with more than 4.5 million items.

The Grandview Library is a founding CLC member and Administering Library. The CLC was founded in 1988, funded by an LSTA grant written in part by the Grandview Library, and was among the first in Ohio to institute daily delivery among the members to share materials and to do cooperative licensing of databases.

CLC member libraries:
GHPL PopUp Library
The Library introduced an electric-powered, mobile library in 2015, funded with private money by the GHPL Foundation.

What is the Grandview Library's Mission?
The Library is committed to becoming a center for activities which enrich and expand the minds and lives of those who participate as patrons.

The Library strives to provide a well-trained, professional staff that anticipates and readily responds to the needs and requests of the community. We want to be a place where cultural experiences can happen and where stimulating ideas can be exchanged.

Our purpose is to inspire the community to seek answers and to experiment with new ideas and interests. We provide free access to information that is practical and useful to the consumer.

To accomplish this we seek to provide the best technology and most up-to-date resources available to us.

We seek to strengthen cooperative ventures with the schools and other centers of the community and to serve as a motivating force by calling attention to the rich and varied resources found at the Library.

Who has served as the Director of the Grandview Library?
  •   Ryan McDonnell, 2013-Present
  •   Mary Ludlum, 2008-2013
  •   Carol Pelz, 1985-2008
  •   Carol Haenicke, 1984-85
  •   Kathryn Hannon, 1967-84
  •   William Bacon, 1960-67
  •   Josephine Swinehart, 1928-60
  •   Bonnie Elliot, 1927-28
  •   Mildred Sandoe, 1924-27
  •   Helen Kramer, 1924
Library Code of Conduct
The staff of the Grandview Library welcomes people of all ages to enjoy the wonderful services we provide. We want community members to feel at home at the Grandview Library. Following our Library Code of Conduct ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Public Internet Usage Policy
Read (PDF) our policy regarding public Internet use at the Library.

Art Exhibits
The Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Arts Council schedules monthly art & collection exhibits at the Library. Large works are displayed upstairs on wall space in Reference; collections & other displays are displayed in two glass-enclosed showcases (one upstairs in Reference, one downstairs by the Meeting Room). Contact Arts Council President Ruthanne James at or 614-486-6456 for consideration.

Calculate the value of your Library usage
Find the value of your monthly library use with this calculator.

What levies have been passed to fund the Library?
  •   1986: 2.2-mill continuing levy
  •   1992: 2.5-mill 5-year levy
  •   1997: 2.5-mill 5-year renewal levy
  •   2002: 2.5-mill 5-year replacement levy
  •   2007: 2.5-mill 5-year replacement levy
  •   2010: 2.2-mill replacement of continuing levy
  •   2012: 2.5-mill 5-year replacement levy
How many people use the Grandview Library?
The Library currently has more than 23,000 registered borrowers.

How many people work at the Grandview Library?
The Library employs about 47 people, with 34 full-time equivalents.

Homebound Delivery
Learn more about getting Library materials delivered for homebound patrons.


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