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Fines And Fees

How much does it cost to borrow items from the Library?
Borrowing or checking out items is free. If items are brought back past their due date, there is an overdue fee.

Overdue Items & Fines
Adult Books and Magazines20 cents/day
Large Print Books20 cents/day
Children's Print & Audio 10 cents/day
Audiobooks 20 cents/day
Compact Discs 20 cents/day
Vinyl LPs 20 cents/day
DVDs & Blu-rays$1.25/day
Video Games$1.25/day
Preloaded E-Readers$3/day
Slide and Negative Scanners$3/day
Acoustic Guitars$1.25/day

  • Fines $10 and over must be paid in full or partially paid before more items may be checked out.
  • You may have only 10 overdue items on your card at a time.
  • Maximum overdue fine on a returned overdue item, excluding preloaded e-readers, is $5. Maximum overdue fine on a preloaded e-reader is $50.
  • If you find and return a lost item you have already paid for within 60 days of payment, you will be refunded the replacement cost. However, the $5 processing fee is not refundable.
  • Pay fines online or at the Library by Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.
    (You can donate online, too.) Call Circulation 614-486-2951 with any questions.
Overdue policy for ages 60 & older
  • People ages 60 & older are exempt from overdue fines for all materials except movies & video games and preloaded e-readers.
  • There will be a grace period of three days after the due date on movies & video games for ages 60 & older, if returned within the three-day grace period. On the fourth day, fines accrue for all dates after the original due date. (For example, if a movie is due on Monday, there is no fine for returning it on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. But, if it is returned on Friday, there is a $5 fine for being four days overdue.)
How can I avoid overdue fines? 
The main way to avoid fines is to return your borrowed items on time.
  • If you need additional time to finish using an item, you may be able to renew it up to three times if no one else has requested the item.
  • Items returned to the Library's outdoor book drop before opening time the next day are not considered overdue and will not incur a late fine.
How do I renew items? 
For your convenience, most items automatically renew when due, up to the maximum number of renewals, unless requested by other patrons. If you provide us with an email address, we inform you of which items have been renewed and which items are not renewable and should be returned.

If you want to renew the items on your own, use one of the following methods:
  • Automated phone renewal: 877-77-BOOKS (877-772-6657)
  • Call Circulation at 614-486-2951 or Youth Services at 614-481-3778 during open hours.
  • Go to, click on "My Account" and log in. Click on the "Items Out" tab, select the items you wish to renew, and then select one of the two renew buttons at the bottom of the page.
Collection agency used for outstanding materials & fines 
  • The Grandview Library uses a collection agency, Unique Management Services (UMS), to protect access to materials for all patrons and to maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • On accounts of $25 or more:
    • For lost, damaged, or long-overdue materials, the Library sends two overdue notices and a third notice - a bill. If the account is not resolved within 30 days after sending the bill, the Library will give the information to UMS and we will add a $10 fee towards the cost of UMS's services.
    • The agency will then make several attempts by letter and by telephone to encourage patrons to return items to the Library or pay all fines & fees.
    • If, after several attempts, patrons do not settle their account, as a last resort, the agency will report patrons to the major national consumer reporting agencies.
    • Patrons are encouraged to return items and pay fines at the Library, at any time during the process.


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