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Live Homework Help

Got homework? We can help.

Live Homework Help® connects you with a live tutor online for assistance in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Social studies
  • Math & science in Spanish
Ask questions & get resources, websites, fact-checks for your papers—even explanations on a digital chalkboard.
This free online session is available from 3-11 pm every day for students K-12 (& adult learners). All you need is a Grandview Library card
Spanish language homework help is available in math & science, Sunday through Thursday from 3—10 pm.
(Live Homework Help is a registered trademark of and is generously provided by the Grandivew Height Public Library Foundation.)
Got other questions? Ask a real Reference Librarian online at Know It Now.
Got questions about books & authors? Expert librarians await you at Read This Now.

For further information, call Youth Services at 614-481-3778 or Reference at 614-481-3776.