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January 13, 2010

Collection agency used for outstanding fines

Library uses collection agency for outstanding materials & fines

Starting March 8, 2010, the Grandview Library will use a collection agency,
Unique Management Services (UMS), to protect access to materials for all patrons and to maintain fiscal responsibility. The Library will still notify patrons of overdue materials, and patrons will have time to respond before information is given to the collection agency.

UMS is a company that works with libraries throughout the United States and has an excellent record of treating patrons professionally. Most Library patrons will never have any contact with UMS because they return their materials on time or pay their overdue fines promptly. 

UMS will make several attempts by letter and by telephone to encourage patrons to return items to the Library or pay all fines & fees. If, after several attempts, patrons do not settle their account, as a last resort, UMS will report patrons to the major national consumer reporting agencies.

Why has the Library made this decision? The number of materials checked out but never returned to the Library continues to increase; keeping Library materials indefinitely costs everyone more money. In the case of a very popular book or movie, numerous people may be waiting for that one item. The Library may be forced to purchase another copy to meet the demand. Unreturned items result in duplicate purchases and wasted tax dollars.

How will this work?

On accounts of $25 or more:

  • For materials, the Library will still send two overdue notices and a third notice - a bill. If the account is not resolved soon after the third notice is sent, the Library will give the information to UMS and will add a $10 fee to offset the cost of the company's services.
  • For fines only, the Library will send one notice. If the fines are not paid soon after the notice is sent, the Library will give the information to UMS and will add the $10 fee.

Patrons are encouraged to return items and pay fines at the Library, at any time during the process.

Call Circulation at 614-486-2951 for more information.

Learn more about our Circulation Policies.

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